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Eskom Rotek Industries & Eskom Research and Innovation Centre

Owner / Operator: ESKOM 
Date: Monday 16th July
Meeting Point: Registration Area, Sandton Convention Centre 
Meet Time: 09:00 | Duration: 7 hrs (approx) | Cost: $90

Eskom Rotek Industries

Eskom Rotek Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eskom Enterprises, which forms part of South African power utility, Eskom Holdings. It is a unique facility in Africa and its purpose is to continue offering specialised mission-critical, strategic and commercial lifecycle services cost effectively to the energy industry and related sectors.

Eskom Rotek Industries is a dynamic business with operations organised in five business units. These business units are strategically structured to provide clients with uniquely packaged solutions to all their needs.

Bulk Material Services specialises in bulk material handling for coal, ash, limestone and gypsum, water services, project management and related engineering solutions. In addition, it also offers plant maintenance, water treatment solutions, coal transportation logistics and the selling of coal combustible products such as ash, gypsum and salts.

Construction Services specialises in both civil and electrical construction. Backed by decades of experience in serving the power generation business, Eskom Rotek Industries Construction Services offers energy efficient installations, general road maintenance, power line and substation construction, cabling and switchgear and electrification services.

Logistics Services offers road transport, material handling and consolidation, warehousing, full scope waste management and road logistics services. These encompass the transportation of plant and auxiliary components to remote sites, the removal of both general and hazardous waste, as well as the haulage of all heavy and abnormal sized equipment. With the largest multi-axle fleet in the Southern hemisphere, Logistics Services has the capacity to transport anything between 0 – 500 tons.

Transformer and Switchgear Services offers maintenance, refurbishment, repair and modification of transformers and switchgear, both on site and at the advanced, workshop facilities in Johannesburg. It provides a 24/7 turnkey service on transformer and related switchgear equipment that includes commissioning, localised cabling and stringing, oil leak repairs and electrical testing.

Turbo Gen Services has the ability to service and refurbish all rotating equipment and related components. With more than a century of experience in the maintenance of power generation turbines and generators, Turbo Gen Services can deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions. The Turbo Gen Services workshops in Johannesburg span 58,000 m2 under craneage and can handle up to 325 tons, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

During the tour, attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Transformer and Switchgear Services workshop, the Turbo Gen Services workshop, the Logistics Services Yard and the Rotable Modular Spares boardroom / Command Centre

Research Testing and Development

Research, Testing and Development (RT&D), is a Business Area of the Sustainability Division at Eskom. We are situated at the Eskom Research and Innovation Centre (ERIC) in Rosherville, south of Johannesburg. Here you will find just under 400 of South Africa’s finest innovators, scientists, environmentalists, engineers and researchers, all gathered under one roof.


· To research, select and develop ‘next horizon’ technologies that support Eskom’s future strategic and operational objectives

· To provide specialised technical testing and inspection services to the business as well as to offer technical consulting services aligned to our areas of competence

· To develop ‘next horizon’ technologies through a robust pilot and demonstration project portfolio that highlights the benefits, risks and steps required to implement identified innovative solutions.

Below is a very brief outline of the facilities you will be visiting on your tour.ayqfctqfxfaybzuzecdetqerurwsevb

Battery Energy Storage Test facility

· RT&D had established a battery test and demonstration facility, the only one of its kind in South Africa.

· The facility has been designed to accommodate five batteries of differing technologies and manufacturers to be tested under identical load/discharge profiles. This will allow for the real performance and comparative testing of these batteries to be determined and to identify which of these products is suitable for Eskom’s future needs for energy storage – load shifting and integration of renewable energy sources into the grid.

· The strategic imperatives addressed by this facility include: the integration of variable renewable energy generation sources into the grid and the demand variations placed upon the grid by consumers. The facility will also enable RT&D to provide information on how to enhance Eskom’s power quality by acting as a buffer between the variable generation supply and the grid.

Creep Testing Laboratory

· Successful plant life management requires a fundamental understanding of the types of damage occurring in service, that affect the performance of materials and thus influence the life of components (e.g. boiler mainsteam piping, headers, rotors, superheater tubes, etc.)

· The major damage mechanism in structural components used at high temperature for a long term is creep damage. Life assessment of such components is used to avoid catastrophic failures and to maintain safe and reliable functioning of equipment. One of the most widely used methods for estimating the remaining life of a component is creep testing. Creep testing compliments non-destructive testing in assessing the remaining life of these components. Creep data ensures that power stations can make the necessary replacements timeously and prevent catastrophic failures.

· The RT&D creep laboratory is the only laboratory in the country supporting research on material/component life assessment contributing to the improvement of safety and reliability of HTP components.

Grid Situational Awareness laboratory

· The Visualisation laboratory has the capability of demonstrating the power of Grid Situational Awareness on a live system. The system can show the voltage profiles of the corridors, and by representing them in a colour coded gradient, one can visually analyse the status of the network at a glance. The system can also demonstrate how fire alerts from the AFIS system can be analysed and interpreted to distinguish fires that pose a threat on a line with regard to fire flash overs and subsequent network disruptions. We are also able to show the potential capability of cloud cover and their renewable impact.

· Other research includes smart meter appliance control using web based GIS view that can be used during system constraints for load limiting, as well as storm clustering and the potential of knowing a storms characteristics and anticipating the threat to a line.

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• Attendees are required to wear comfortable business formal attire, flat shoes and no loose clothing which could get trapped in moving equipment.



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